FabFem: CC sweater

Do you know FabFem already? If you don’t know FabFem, you really missed something!

“F A B F E M – We stand for all things Fabulous and Feminine! However, we hold our value in our F E M – which abbreviates Female Empowerment Movement. We have created a platform by women, for women. We are based in the UK and currently have an audience of 20,000+ people in 30 different countries. We have a team that showcase the latest trends, motivational posts, lifestyle and fitness tips, business and personal advice which you can find on the above tabs. We have introduced many sectors to our brand including fashion – we have a clothing collection that you can check out at our shop.” – F A B F E M

If you want to know more about FabFem, go to and let the female power speak!

One of the great items they sell is this CC sweater, which I’m totally in love with! Unfortunately I don’t have much money to spend, but I think this sweater is really a musthave! What do you think?

The CC sweater can be ordered here, or do you want to look further into the shop? Click here for the shop.

Isn’t he lovely?!


3 thoughts on “FabFem: CC sweater

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