Trend alart: faux fur

Fake fur is really the trend this fall/winter. And I absolutely love this trend! It’s warm, it looks nice and furry, and it is a nice item for your fashion collection.

Below are some examples of faux fur items you’ll see this fall/winter (or already have seen)

This is Ciara, last week in Paris. She is wearing a pink fluffy sweater from the novice designer Deriane van Overeem. By the way: I love her outfit!

I have this bag! And I’m soooo happy with it, I do not regret that I bought it. He is also quite large, so ideal for school. You can buy this bag here.

A furry coat. I’m still looking for a (similar) furry coat, but I can not find anything nice. Does anyone have any tips?

This is the blogger Mirjam Schuurkamp. She wears a furry vest, and I think the combination of the clothes here are very nice!

So, what do you think about the faux fur trend? Do you like it or not?


5 thoughts on “Trend alart: faux fur

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