Shopping day

And.. Yes! I have finally bought some new things. And I’m really happy with it! Do you wanna see what I’ve bought today? Let’s take a look:


A black jeans. This one was €25,99 and it’s from Bershka.

A “sporty” looking sweater. The white areas on the sleeves are made from fake leather. And I’m just really obsessed with (fake) leather! This one was €9,95 and I’ve got it from H&M.

A basic T-shirt with a lovely text on it. This one was €14,95 and I’ve bought it at Zara.

A loooooovely sweatpants from Bershka. This one was only €14,99 and I’m totally in love with it! BUT normally I’m wearing a small size, but this one is a large!! Omg these pants are very very small.

And a body warmer. This one was €9,99 and I’ve got it from Wibra!


So.. I’ve bought some nice things I think. And everything was so cheap!? Sorry that my English isn’t very well, I’m still learning it!



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